Ravens...So many Omens

DU Department of Theatre

Here are some products of an ongoing project to capture the headshots of each member of the 
DU Theatre Department

Celebrity Collage...Elizabeth Shue?

The Floor Four Galleria

Here are the results of a recent photo shoot with the occupants of rooms 437 and 438.





Are we all cut from the same mold?

Something I often wonder about is how we are able to have so much in common with another person. Our philosophies, our hopes and our fears, our loves...those are all our own right? I don't believe so. Nothing is our own, yet that is not a bad thing! The fact that we can connect with others on a level that can't be seen or heard is a beautiful occurrence. However, there are those rare instances when we look at another person and see ourselves reflected in their features. Today I was told I look like Anderson Cooper. While I have never met the man, I can certainly see some greater power at work in the similarities of our appearances.
What do you think?