The Simple Things

The smell of warm laundry, a kiss on the cheek, the touch of a loved one, sounds of water in pipes overhead, a small compliment, the sound of leaves disintegrating underfoot, love. These are the things we must live for.

A Stroll Through Wash Park

The Love Bug Lives

It's amazing how Volkswagen continues to remain so prevalent in the hearts of Americans.
Drive on Herbie...Drive on.

I had a sudden urge to go golfing

This stunning seaside course is Val Andre in Brittany located on the coast of France. Patrons with a flair for gambling have been known to wager a brisk dive off of the cliffs if they lost the round. You can spot a small cottage nestled against the cliffs. Oh what I would give to live there, or at the very least, buy it as a retirement gift for my father. What do you think dad? Your kind of place?

A Monologue

“Fro Yo”
by Cody Schuyler
[Lights up on a lonely cup of frozen yogurt with “googly” eyes, centre stage.]

FroYo: You should be ashamed. [Pause. The tension is tangible.] Don’t look away! Hey I’m talking to you, yes you! You sit there pretending i’m not delicious, but you know the truth...I’m just not indulgent enough for you. Here I am among a generation of anti-health nuts. Creamy treats have to be extra creamy and come in seventy-five fucking flavors? Where does it end with you people? ICE CREAM??? What is so special about ICE CREAM? Compare our names. Go ahead, I have all night! [Pause.] Actually, you may need to hurry’s kind of warm in here. [Pause.] Fine! Allow me... Ice is FROZEN WATER and Cream is a dairy product just like YOGURT! The only difference between us? I. Am. Healthier. There, I said it...Look it up doubters, Frozen Yogurt has less calories from fat than Ice Cream! That pretentious blowhard...I got iced coffee with him the other day, and all we talked about was his new flavors and about those pricks...[Scathing.] Ben and Jerry??? Real original! Is that all I need? Two guys with Jewish names to slap their name on the side of my cup? What is this, the Stiller family Ice Cream Company? [At this point a stage hand comes out and places a label on the side of FroYo’s cup] Thanks Frank. There! Hmmm? Boaz and Jonah brand Frozen Yogurt. T.M! Will you buy me now? Please.... [Breaks down, sobbing.] I don’t get it...what makes me so much less appealing? It’s appalling. I know what it don’t like the fact that I contain live cultures. Bacteria! For the last time...IT’S NOT HARMFUL BACTERIA! Think of them as happy spaceships that fly around your intestines and make sure you don’t have painful shits!!! [Takes a moment to catch his breath.] Sorry... It’s just that I really want to have the same amount of respect as Ice Cream. I was talking with the Popsicles yesterday and they agree...Ice Cream is not the only treat that can be enjoyed after dinner or at a soccer banquet! [Long Pause. Then bitterly.] I hope you all get love handles...I don’t mean the cute ones that you can put your Ice Cream-licking fingers on when locking tongues with your health-hating spouses...NO! I mean disgusting, obscene waterfalls of flesh that you have to tuck into your Size46 pants just so you don’t trip on them. [Pause.] I’m sorry, I didn’t really mean that. How would you feel though? Having to always watch as the guy wearing the “I Heart America” t-shirt opens up the door to your freezer, slowly reaches toward you, gets one hand on your lid and then immediately pulls his hand back as if my carton said “BEWARE, PLAGUE!” It doesn’t say that. It says Frozen. Fucking. Yogurt...well not all of that...and as for the jackass who decided that Frozen Yogurt was too long to say...Fro Yo? You think that’s cute? Thanks a lot guy, you officially banished me to the seventh circle of Hell with that only men named Richard Simmons and Perez Hilton are even remotely interested in me! It’s racist, that’s what it is! [At this point, the stage manager comes onto stage and picks up FroYo] Oh my. Could this be it? Yes! Yes! YES! Finally...I get my moment of glory! Soon all will know the splendour that is Fro Yo!!! [Stage manager takes out a spoon and sticks it in FroYo] JESUS CHRIST!! [Shrilly.] What the fuck are you doing?!?! That hurts you asshole! No, no, no, no, no! Stop it! Put down the spoon! [Stage manager continues eating, blissfully unaware of the protests coming from the frozen treat in his hands.] I know you can hear me! Yeah, I’m tasty aren’t I?? Eat up!, I didn’t mean that! [Stage manager tips cup back and scoops remaining FroYo into his mouth] Gaaaahhhhh!

Vodka...the New Ghandi

It is a curious thing when a liquor advertisement shows some of the highest wisdom witnessed by my generation. V for Vodka, not Violence. Love is now 100 proof.

Gypsy House-A Unique Destination in LoDo

Today I visited a corner coffee shop that can only be described as "a spectacle." From the moment you glimpse it's colorful exterior, Gypsy House pulls you in with the promise of even more secrets held within. Upon entering the dimly lit haunt, aromas of softly simmering coffee and sweet scented tobacco invade your nostrils, while the gentle crooning of an anonymous local singer serenades your ears. It's hand drawn menus leave you wanting less and less a cup of coffee and more the menu itself. Everything about this watering hole for modern beatniks invites you to stay. A stress free atmosphere AND tasty treats?! Yes please.

An Italian held against his will

Street Art Wisdom

I am a strong believer in the value that graffiti has to offer our artistic consciousness. See the beauty in the defacing and embrace the gently flowing forms and colors.

Bliss in Blue

Can you Spot the Owl? Because he's staring right at you...

One small a crappy pair of shoes

The Night's Ablaze

One finger to represent a lifetime of sarcasm

Nautical Glass

My glass eye

The Union Jack. A national symbol...that holds up my pants.

Decay in its purest form

Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Cody. The title of this vain and introspective look at my life stems from something a loved one said to me recently...which was, "you have too many names." Admittedly, 'John Roger Cody Schuyler' is a bit much... I concur. I am not an eighteenth century lord, nor am I a benevolent curator of a large collection of antique manuscripts concerning the purchase and sale of tobacco. In my mind, a blog can be a grandiose cry for attention or a beautiful account of a person's travels, successes, etc.-a personalized looking glass. I hope mine will be the latter. I do not claim to possess infinite wisdom and I am quite far from perfect, yet I hope that this little electronic slice of my life may make you smile, if not...maybe next time.